Monday, October 31, 2011

Ghosts of the Past

Why, I believe it was just one year ago that we held our First Annual Spooktacular Boo-O-Rama. Those truly were the halcyon days of the Johnny Outlaw development cycle. Where did they go, and will they ever return?

“Wait now,” you ask. “If that was the first annual, doesn’t that imply there could be a second?” Yes, my friends. That was what we literary types refer to as “foreshadowing”. It’s when we tell you about an event that’s going to happen before it actually happens, usually with only a passing presumption of subtlety. That’s why I am proud to celebrate the Second Annual Spooktacular Boo-O-Rama!

What do we have planned this year? Well, this Boo-O-Rama is all about terror, and in the Johnny Outlaw universe, terror only comes in one form: Tombstone Jack.

We’ve opened the Johnny Outlaw vault, and we’re prepared to release this footage of what actually might have happened on that dark and lonesome day so many years ago…

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