Friday, December 24, 2010

A Christmas Miracle

With all the wonders of the holiday season upon us, even Johnny Outlaw Studios can get caught up in the hustle and the bustle. As we work hard into the night, we forget about the people we are working for. We forget that there are people out there who depend upon us. People whom we can let down.

Little Billy and little Suzy are sleeping tight, dreaming of waking up to find a copy of Johnny Outlaw underneath the Christmas tree. I am sad to say that there will be no Christmas for little Billy and little Suzy. Johnny Outlaw remains unfinished. Yes, for you it's no big deal, it's "just another video game". But for poor little orphan children everywhere Johnny Outlaw is more than a game, it is that last ray of hope, it is a reason to believe.

Billy asked me today if Johnny Outlaw would make it in time for Christmas morn. I could see that fading hope in his eyes, but I couldn't lie. I told him we couldn't make it this year. And he looked up at me with those eyes, now all full of sadness, and said, "I guess miracles don't exist".

For all the little Billys out there, Johnny Outlaw Studios going to show you that miracles do exist! We pulled all of our resources, rallied every employee, and what has happened in this eleventh hour is nothing short of a Christmas miracle.

No, we haven't finished the game. But we have produced a brand new Holiday Skin Pack, which will be free to use for all those little orphans out there. I am proud to say that despite the unforgiving deadline, we never had to sacrifice quality.

The holidays are looking brighter already! And let us all remember that these are more than skins, these are a symbol of hope in a world that at times seems so hopeless. They are proof that even in our modern world, miracles can and do occur every day. Mostly at Johnny Outlaw Studios.