Thursday, March 25, 2010

Tombstone Jack - Deceased

Lots of evil men in this world. You can hate ‘em, you can fear ‘em, and if you’re a lawman you do your best to stop ‘em. Then once in a while along comes a man so good at being bad that all your hate and fear turns into respect, even admiration. That was Jack.

See how sheriffs put up posters now in every station, bounties and rewards for criminals they’re hunting? You couldn’t find a picture of Jack in any town or station. Those are for wanted men. Nobody wanted Jack.

He was a walking death sentence. Like the bubonic plague, only with a lot less lymph node swelling and a lot more bullets. Even for a lawman the only logical course of action was to stay out of his way.

With all that talent he amassed a fortune in no time, but rich as he was, poor Jack, he had his vices. You can’t talk about Tombstone Jack without mentioning that insatiable lust for gold. He loved gold more than a faithful man loves his wife, so you can only imagine how much Jack loved his solid gold wife. Yessir, there’s nothing he wouldn’t do to get his hands on those rocks. Course, a man can’t live like that; at least, not for long. They captured and hanged Tombstone Jack one dry and tired afternoon. Richest outlaw there ever was; victim to his own greed. They never recovered a cent.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Fan Art Roundup

This just in from the Pony Express! Fan art, and plenty of it! Well then, let's have a look at what these devoted fans have come up with.

Why, this here is a picture from a young buckaroo named Hezekiah Chen, age 9. It's titled "Best Friends". Ain't that just precious. Good friends are hard to come by out in the West, that's for sure. Never take 'em for granted.

And next up is this little gem:

That's a dramatic representation of a showdown by Hector Belafonte, age 7. Hector coined the phrase "Never bring pants to a gunfight".

And then there's this submission from Sophia, our first non-crayon entry.

Out in the West, you don't want to underestimate women. They can be a real tough bunch. But don't worry about Miss Lucy, she's clearly unarmed!

Now I have to ask the faint of heart to stop reading here, because up next is none other than the villainous Tombstone Jack! You've been warned.

Consider yourselves lucky, Jack appears to be in a good mood. But of course, nothin' makes Jack happier than spending time in fields of flowers with his trusty steam shovel. Gonna have to thank "Wild" Billy Brewster, age 10, for that one.

Some of you have no doubt wondered what a bumbling anthropomorphic cactus was doing in a game about the manliest of cowboys. Well, thanks to Scott Wade's masterpiece, we're getting a little bit closer to the truth:

And thanks to Scott's work, it's official: the Grimace is neither cool nor well-respected.

One last work of art for all of you out there.

This one is from Nick "Snake" Piacenza. We appreciate the effort, and hope that your BA in art lands you a job soon.

Well, that's all for now. A big thank you to everyone who submitted their work, and everyone else feel free to send a little something to us Right Here.