Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Day of Reckoning

The long awaited hour is here at last.

Perhaps you heard that May 21, 2011 was to be one of the most important moments in history? And now it is here. Behold, the rapture - the rapture of experiencing the BRAND NEW JOHNNY OUTLAW WEBSITE!

A treasure trove of earthly delights, this new website delivers Johnny Outlaw's trademark rootin’ tootin’ cowboy fun in a way the blog format simply could never support. With Johnny Outlaw media, fan art, and character bios, it’s a wagon train of fun for all ages. Welcome to Web 3.0.

So don’t get left behind here at the Johnny Outlaw Blog, experience the website for yourself. Today’s the day! And if you haven’t already, download and play the newest release of the Johnny Outlaw Demo. Go ahead. It’s one decision you won’t regret come May 22!

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